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I did a few searches for a solution on the www and followed a few rabbit holes regarding Windows 10.The Tom Tom site suggested that the ISP may not allow access to the Tom Tom server so I used my phone as a hot spot and, sure enough, a full connection was made.

I am a new ADSL broadband customer and tried updating the maps on my Tom Tom VIA 135.

After launching My Drive Connect, the program hangs and after quite a while, the following message appears within the My Drive window: Server Not Found My Drive Connect can't find the server at I did not experience this issue previously with Telstra ADSL.

Since most sat navs will be on sale months after they come out of the factory, it’s worth checking if you have the latest map and downloading if not.

But in my view, paying for map updates every year is probably an unnecessary expense.

It's still got the version of the maps it originally came with (Western Europe v606).

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