Updating software hardware in computer lab

“We have larger classes coming in and they are going to need to share endpoints,” he explains.

He has older Dell Optiplex ATX towers, and is looking for smaller computers so he can squeeze in one or two more endpoints at each table.

updating software hardware in computer lab-27

Software required for all Summer Term, Camps and Fall semester must be ordered by the beginning of April. When software is received, OIT contacts the individual who submitted the PR to coordinate an installation date and time.

The following is an overview of the software procurement process: 1. Desktop Support Services will work with Institute Deans and Department Chairs to install software in classrooms and labs for faculty and student use.

This standard provides improved capabilities to effectively deploy applications, updates and patches, as well as detect problems.

It will enable ITS to continue to improve the quality, timeliness and accuracy of support to our customers.

In an ongoing effort to reduce IT costs to the institute, and to improve customer service and operational efficiency, the following ITS Purchasing & Support Standard is being implemented.

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