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When the PARAMETERIZATION option is set to FORCED, any literal value that appears in a SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statement, submitted in any form, is converted to a parameter during query compilation.

The exceptions are literals that appear in the following query constructs: Additionally, the following query clauses are not parameterized.

Myself, I did a live-hacking session, explaining the reasoning from building an ‘artesania’ Docker Swarm cluster to moving to Oracle Container Cloud Service (OCCS) and Wercker.

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instances contain hidden columns that store this extra information that does not quite fit in the SQL object model.

This information can be accessed through APIs in SQL or Java, using member functions, such as storage from structured storage to LOB, or vice versa, is possible using database IMPORT and EXPORT. You can then change XML storage options when tuning your application, since each storage option has its own benefits.

You can perform the following manipulations or Data Manipulation Language (DML) on XML data in SQL function.

Assume that the purchase order is an object view that contains a purchase order object.

What is the process for importing an XML document into SQL Server via SSIS?

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