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When you want to find the definition of a word you go straight to that word.

You don’t read through every item in the Dictionary.

ill review your Special Cells link as well for additional education...thanks!!

OK, i think i see where you are leading me too...looks like i can call the same range, but use this Special Cells Command, which will skip all the blanks! Cells containing formulas for the way i have designed this tool (so far) , the conditional formatting would have to be turned off and on for these cells depending on what the user is doing.

Let's assume it's the first table in the workbook and it's named "Table1". Enable Events = True End Sub Sub Auto Adjust Pivot Data Range() Dim Data_sht As Worksheet Dim Pivot_sht As Worksheet Dim Start C As Range Dim HRange As Range Dim PName As String Dim Upd Range As String 'Set Variables Set Data_sht = This Workbook. Alternatively, how should i check the field header names so that there is no confusion to Excel for proper run please?

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