Using website job listings for dating

Google is now rolling out the jobs service it announced earlier this year at Google I/O.

In its current format, the service collects jobs from other third party sites like Linked In, Monster, Facebook, Glassdoor and Career Builder, making it easier for jobseekers to find relevant listings all in one place.

CRM Consultant "I was content at Amazon so I wasn't 'looking,' but I was open to new opportunities.

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The result is a Bright scoring system that aims to show a user's compatibility level with any job they apply for based on experiences and skills. Bright charges companies if they want to see applicants who are qualified but have not applied for a position.

Employers will be able to see if someone has viewed a position or even started an application, but didn't finish it.

Bright, a job search engine launching today, uses data to show employees and employers how compatible they are using a scoring system that CEO Steve Goodman said will revolutionize the hiring the process.

"We believe that there is a job for everybody that wants to be gainfully employed," he told CNET in an interview.

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