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Trans people need to reach out with kindness to them, discuss the issues, offer reassurances — not attack them with vile, sexist words.That only confirms their fears, and comes across like they are being attacked...

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You guessed it — get engaged in front of Lincoln Center with El De Barge (in the flesh! Plus there’s the stereotypical black movie additives, including God as the ever-present fixer of things and giver of strength, a family secret of hidden parentage, and, in the tradition of black weddings everywhere, a line dance (though, spoiler alert: it’s not the electric slide).

However instead of feeling stale, this movie feels familiar and comforting.

Last week, actress/comedian/advocate Roseanne Barr made a few disparaging comments regarding transgender women.

She has since apologized and taken the time to explain her point of view and why she feels she has been mischaracterized regarding the situation.

Petite, take-charge, 27-year-old Deena Dempsey (Denyce Lawton) has been working unenthusiastically as a personal assistant for sophisticated, multi-millionaire socialite Olivia Norman (Lynn Whitfield).

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