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This workshop is challenging, intense, and realistic.

Pursuit Advocacy content is ideally suited for enterprises that have long, complex, high value sales. The training has been delivered in programs at HPE, CSC/DXC, and Cognizant.

In two online sessions a week apart, we refine the challenge, identify a mix of people to serve as touchpoints throughout the process, and call out the hunches, assumptions, and hypothesis that will inform what we tackle in Workshops.

Working shoulder to shoulder and armed with information & empathy from Drawing Boards, we leverage activities that create a slew of ideas, test them quickly, and validate them on-site with key touchpoints. After the excitement of Workshops, we synthesize the best concepts into a clear roadmap that outlines next steps: What we need to build, how long it’ll take, and the investment of time and funding required to make it happen. This phase results in a robust document and, when necessary, a clickable prototype that brings the technology to a point of tangibility that makes you confident in taking the next steps.

At the end of the workshop the participants will have experienced real client interactions at each critical stage of a large, complex sales cycle and have been provided invaluable feedback at each event by expert consultants and experienced executives.

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