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Just dont forget to set data Source to null when re-setting new data to dgv.Ya, i am binding my DGV to the datasource, I dont have to manually create columns.

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Vb net cellvalidating

So I would think when systems are being developed in vb analysts would want that included as well and would be fairly common (with all happening behind the scenes for the user). Is New Row Then Return If Swipe Accumulative Hours Data Grid View.

Which I would have thought I would come across some examples of how that would work together - I have tried to get an book to help me understand but by my project/contract is over before the book would arrive.------------I would appreciate it if you could look at my code and help with this. -------My datafile is Swipe Id(autonum), Emp Num, PPday, Input Type, Sup Reason Code, Pay Code, Amount, Comments, User Id and Timestamp,----My Grid has PPDay, Pay Code, Sup Reason Code, Amount and Comments - The user does need to enter the rest because Empnum I want to fill with what the selected from the combobox so they don't have to enter everytime. Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args) Handles Swipe Accumulative Hours Data Grid View.

When I enter an incorrect value the small red error icon show on the left of the grid. --------------------------------------------------"..did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? So because I don't have this working properly maybe this is not the time to ask about this icon. To String()) Then Swipe Accumulative Hours Data Grid View.

But when I correct the value and tab to the next cell the icon remains. Thanks for the help Kim Does it persist when you change rows? Thanks for the help Kim Kim-I found this FAQ in my hunt to learn more about the Data Grid View. He's roll'n."-------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the posts - I actually had looked at that validation tutorial - I had not yet put the Cell End Edit into my code because the comments on it said "for when the user press esc"; but I was only tabing thru the fields; I hadn't realized it got rid of the icon I just thought it cleared the error text.

I have tried tracing the code thru and still can't completely understand how to avoid this. Throw Exception = Falseto stop the errors and I've tried using it a couple different ways with no success.

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