maddox not updating - Vb net code for updating access database

Figure 3 Select the Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider.

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The basic plan is to do the following: The next several sections explain how to perform these steps at design time.

The sections that follow explain how to perform the same steps at runtime. This tab contains data-related objects that you can put on the form. NET, invisible controls such as this one appear below the form's design surface (see Figure 1).

In Visual Basic 6, you can use an ADO Data control (ADODC) to select records from a database. You can still bind controls to data at design time or at runtime.

You can then bind the ADODC to other controls that display the data. The objects and methods you use are different, however.

In the finally block I am closing the Sql Connection by the Close() method.

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