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Quick backstory: Jake and Alissa moved into a house last August with five other social media stars — Neels Visser, Alex Lange, AJ Mitchell, and twins Lucas and Marcus Dobre — to form a creative coalition of sorts, dubbed "Team 10." On Monday Alissa started posting vague tweets hinting at discord within Team 10.[twitter ] Violet/status/834156431557357568[/twitter]In the dramatic video she ended up sharing, Alissa explained that Jake was kicking her out of Team 10's house.The play was widely-received and played for eight weeks in London's West End.

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VIDEO: Jake Miller Dishes on Being Besties With Simone Biles We got Jake to spill the scoop when he stopped by Wetpaint, along with whether he’s single and his surprising celebrity crush. Watch the exclusive video above to find out, and stay tuned for more from Jake.

The gold medalist, who was a part of the Final Five U. gymnastics team at the Olympics in Rio this past summer, appears as Miller’s love interest in the video.

You Tube stars Jake Paul and Alissa Violet have been collaborating on videos for ages, their quirky chemistry earning them tons of subscribers and shippers.

Known as Jalissa, the two never confirmed they were dating — but never denied it, either, even going so far as to sell Jalissa merchandise to fans. Whether they were ever an official couple depends on whose side of the story you believe, but either way, Jalissa is over now.

(Scroll down for video.) Twitter and the video's comments section on You Tube are full of praise, mainly from young women who idolize the Olympic champ.

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