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In a small, bamboo-roofed kitchen behind the house, Grace remembers, Mama performed this procedure day after day for three months.

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The Anglophone problem is a set of demands formulated in various ways and on many occasions by Anglophones in Cameroon.

These are identity and language claims that actually question the form of the State.

In its its 2014 human rights report on Cameroon, the U. State Department likened “breast ironing” to the more prevalent practice of female genital mutilation.

This “procedure to flatten a young girl’s growing breasts with hot stones, cast-iron pans, or bricks” has “harmful physical and psychological consequences, which include pain, cysts, abscesses, and physical and psychological scarring,” according to the report. human rights report suggested reports of the practice are “rare,” the local press in Cameroon has reported that up to 50 percent of girls undergo the very painful procedure on a daily basis.

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