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Today, more than 60,000 persons of Asian descent were identified in the 2010 U. Mal-Soon Sauerman shares a common concern with other immigrants who have settled in Topeka over the years.

Since 1965, when immigration laws were relaxed, more and more families have moved to Kansas from places such as the Philippines, China, Korea, India, and Vietnam.

Sauerman also shares a connection with a growing number of families who are adopting Asian children.

Asian immigrants to Kansas have increased in numbers in recent years.

Since the 1980s, many Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians have come to southwest Kansas to work in the meat-packing plants in Garden City and Dodge City.

The effective date will be on entry date (date give in the approval letter) or simply the date you arrive Vietnam as the approval date may be many days in advance prior to your date of arrival. Alternatively, you can go to Vietnam Embassy in Cambodia to have your visa there. The Letter, in other word, is the Letter of Approval - a document issued by Vietnam Department of Immigration (A18) to certify that you are accepted to get Vietnam visa on arrival at airports (either Hanoi, Danang or Ho Chi Minh City).

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