What are the legal dating ages 100 free senior sex dating sites

According to the Sex Laws website, these laws do not specifically address an adult under the age of 24 who engages in sexual behaviors with a 17-year-old minor.

But it would be illegal to have any type of sexual intercourse, and could lead to very serious criminal charges and a lifetime of the eighteen year old being required to register as a sex offender wherever he or she lived.

Cmon people Dating is never illegal in any state, but sex (which is part of way too many "dates") is if it is with a minor, (which is 17 or younger) is illegal, and is considered a rape, as the person is not legally old enough to consent to sex.

it wrong to date any one that 16 and the dude 21 I doubt that there is such a thing as a "legal dating age" in Florida or anywhere else.

i just curious as to what the illegal dating ages are.

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