What is an accommodating female

The regimes within the centre is on training and development.

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As a Muslim woman, I didn’t think I encountered any discrimination in landing a job; I faced the usual hurdles any other graduate would have faced.

It was only once employed that I realised how difficult the workplace can be for an individual wanting to practice their religion.

More than a year after the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department announced efforts to house female transgender inmates based on their gender identity, officials say the department is moving in the right direction — but some critics insist it’s not moving fast enough.

Sheriff Vicki Hennessy said the department has been making steady, if slow, progress when it comes to transgender-rights issues, requiring deputies to undergo gender-awareness training and working with advocates to develop a department policy for handling inmates whose gender identity differs from what’s on their birth certificates.

One only has to look at the number of ambitious, educated and career-driven Muslim women across Britain, unable to secure employment, to realise that Muslim women are one of the most under-used resources in the UK labour market. Should one really have to choose between religion and a career?

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