Who has it easier in dating

It was as though marriage was the final destination but somehow my train had gotten derailed to a very single place. In my mind, marriage was a place where life would be easier. Unhappy people, make unhappy lives- whether married or single.

However, for serious relationships, women cannot usually date significantly younger they are still "boys." They tend to be less mature, in a different stage of life, not financially stable, or not ready to get married and have children.

Although younger women may share some of these characteristics, women are typically more mature or ready to marry and have children.

Human selfishness has caused pain, heart break, and strain in their life that they never imagined possible. Insecurities deep within have caused pain and heart break.

I’ve come to realize that no matter who you are, or where you are- every stage of life comes with it’s own set of struggles. I think it’s time for us as believers to take inventory of what is really going on inside of our hearts.

Dating for senior singles has traditionally been a little difficult, there is a taboo around the older age dating singles, but society has broken free from that since the introduction of online dating.

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