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unnamed maternal great great grandfather; Kareem (maternal great grandfather); Aisha (maternal great grandmother); Naana Khala (maternal grandfather); Naani Khala (maternal grandmother); Yusuf Khan (father); Muneeba Khan (mother);unnamed aunt; Aamir Khan (brother); Tyesha Hillman-Khan (sister-in-law) Fabulous. The Khans offered to pay the boy's fees and sent their daughter to play with him.

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Kamala Khan is a nerdy teenage girl from a Pakistani-American family of Muslim faith living in Jersey City — not New York City, unlike most of the heroes who populate the Marvel Universe.

After being exposed to Terrigen Mist, Kamala discovers she has Inhuman DNA and her latent shapeshifting power becomes apparent.

And we don't mean it in the same way as many refer to Rahul Gandhi as a reluctant politician. The day it gets a little easy, I might get contented.

A 24x7 actor, and in the case of Jagga Jasoos, a producer, Ranbir is very much out there — taking calls, doing interviews, on-camera, off-camera, through the evening, at Bandra's Mehboob studio, where we meet. In my career, what's always paid off have been the risks. I'm not here to prove to people that I'm a great actor, and that I only get great reviews, and awards. Speaking of distinction between star and actor, you have attempted to bridge the two.

Though reluctant at first, Kamala and Bruno soon formed a close bond over their shared status as coming from immigrant families and their love for the animated TV series Tween Mutant Samurai Turtles.

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