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Fritz Lenneman: How did you become interested in Blue Zones, and where does the name come from?Dan Buettner: For 20 years, I was an explorer, and you learn that to be relevant as an explorer it's not only about going out in the world, it's bringing back something that's relevant for people.At each of 59 stops he jumps out of the cab and, with marmot-like zeal, trots from Dumpster to Dumpster and heaves fresh refuse into the hopper with the help of a hydraulic lift.

(Tobacco was already a well-known culprit.)In what would become known as the Seven Countries Study, Keys, the epidemiologist Henry Blackburn, and their colleagues recruited groups of middle-aged men for a long-term project not only in Finland, but also in the United States, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, and Yugoslavia.

Each subject in the study was asked questions about his diet and given a battery of physical tests.

In his book The Blue Zones , Dan Buettner introduces readers to the people who live the longest and shares their secrets to longevity.

In early 2009, he brought those lessons to the small community of Albert Lea, Minnesota.

He eats two fried eggs and toast, washes it down with a mug of coffee, and slips into a blaze orange jumpsuit.

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