Who is gabriela sabatini dating

In 2009, a bus collided with stationary truck loaded with diesel fuel in south Nigeria, igniting an explosion and fire that killed at least 50 people.

Nearly three decades since she burst onto the scene, a vision in white, Gabriela Sabatini is still turning heads.

Her Latin looks and casual charm were on full display as she walked up to receive her official Hall of Fame ring at the Copa Claro tennis tournament in Buenos Aires on Friday.

But they got along well too and the 1988 Wimbledon doubles title bears testimony to that.

Having retired from the game in 1996, Sabatini hit the perfect length on the business court with her perfume line.

Tall – 5’7” – with deep brown hair and eyes, she’s from Divinópolis, Brazil, a city named for its divinity.

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