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After supremely powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was questioned by the NYPD this week about whether he groped the breasts and crotch of a 22-year-old model, the attitude among journalists and film industry insiders seemed to be that accusations that once existed only as loud whispers were finally being dragged into the light.

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The couple were spotted Saturday at their waterfront Connecticut compound.

The source was surprised to hear the couple was together, given the strain caused by Battilana’s allegations about the March 27 Tribeca encounter.

Weinstein at his offices at the Tribeca Film Center, at 375 Greenwich Street in Lower Manhattan, the official said.

It appears the two met in private, according to the official, and it was during that meeting that she claims he touched her inappropriately.

But Blake Lively is not only in the company of the small-screeners who've reached for the brass rail of film.

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