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I've heard a few things about her, here and there, but never anything too bad.

There are plenty of well known people on the sober rock 'n' roll crowd.

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Cornell’s family issued a statement Friday morning disputing that his death was a suicide and may have been exacerbated by Ativan, which he had been prescribed for anxiety.

Michael Woody, director of media relations for the Detroit Police, told Kirsten had been in Cornell’s room shortly before he received Vicky’s call.

The group, which included children 12-year-old daughter Leni, 11-year-old son Henry, 10-year-old son Johan and seven-year-old daughter Lou, enjoyed kayaking and and splashed around in the surf.

Details surrounding Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell’s suicide were published Friday by The Detroit News, which obtained a copy of a report filed by officers who responded to the scene.

R6, why should anyone hold back talking about that terrible fake woman Vicky? Chris had a mental illness which wasn't treated properly.

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