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He's sweating profusely in the muggy, almost unbearable climate (though to be fair, it's nothing like what we've witnessed from Josh Murray)."You can't breathe...it's like a slow death," he says of the humidity in Mexico before asking if we can seek shade on a different couch.

Dated former “Amazing Race” contestant and former Dolphins cheerleader and Playboy model, Jamie Edmonson back in the day. Facebook – Ryan Beckett Twitter – @Ryan SBeckett (following no one from Bachelor Nation, but a few Playboy accounts. ) Instagram: sailingguy33 (As of Sunday, it was “beckettnole,” but he changed it yesterday 3/9 and set it to private) Linked In – Ryan Beckett Website – Once did a coast-to-coast bike ride in 2010 for Nashville flood victims.

Played lacrosse at FSU, competed in a triathlon, is a vegan and a dog lover. Currently working on a clothing line that you can see on his website,

"[I realize] I'm being kind of a diva right now!

"Diva is the last word one would use to describe the 35-year-old professional reality star runner-up.

There are two categories of meniscal injuries - acute tears and degenerative tears.

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