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The ‘personal life’ section of White’s page now features a few sentences about Marco Pierre White Jr.On 7 June 2016, White’s son, Marco Jr, became a contestant on the seventeenth series of the Channel 5 reality television series Big Brother. stated that he would not be cooking for his housemates, despite the profession of his high-profile father.

Who is marco pierre white dating

George in Harrogate and then at the Box Tree in Ilkley.

Aged 16, he went to London with "£7.36 ($8.22 USD), a box of books and a bag of clothes", and began his classical training as a commis with Albert and Michel Roux at Le Gavroche.

While on the show he showcased his unbelievable ability of being a prize tool and acting like an entitled rich kid who thinks it’s acceptable to quote how much money daddy has given him in at least 4 out of every 6 sentences.

Giving it the big'un about his '75G' crowns that he got for free because ' I'm Marco Pierre White JR'…what an embarrassment #Big Brother — Jessica Taylor (@Jessica Liberty X) June 11, 2016 It doesn’t seem like his dad has been giving him any money recently as he allegedly owes £2,000 to a Kensington vintage shop.

Screaming, ranting, foul-mouthed chefs are about as appetising as mouldy macaroni.

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