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Toni was not the only sporting uncle that Nadal had; Miguel Angel Nadal was a professional footballer who played for Barcelona and Real Mallorca. Date of birth: 3 June, 1986Home town: Manacor, Spain Nationality: Spanish Net worth: 5m Height: 6'1Weight: 187lbs Family: Dating Xisca Perello since 2005. Twitter: @rafaelnadal Instagram: rafaelnadal Facebook: Rafael Nadal Predictably, Nadal was a dab hand at tennis from an early age and won an under-12 championship at the age of eight.

His uncle Toni noticed his nephew was able to hit forehands with both hands and helped Nadal learn to play left-handed in order to give him a real advantage on his opponents from the get-go.

Nadal’s last major championship title was in 2014—at the French Open, naturally—and, at 31 years old, wizened tennis watchers wondered if Nadal’s best days were behind him.

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After playing extremely well to start 2017, it likely wouldn’t shock anyone if Nadal made it to another final before the season ends.

Over his career, Nadal has proven himself as one of the fittest—and strongest—tennis players on tour.

The King of the Clay's name would reverberate again a year later when he won the French Open in his first attempt, aged just 19. Nadal has earned $80.1m (£64m) during his career so far.

That's less than old foe Federer and Novak Djokovic, who have garnered $101m and $108m respectively.

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