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I don’t engage in that world, even with myself, even with my own career.” Would getting married affect her creative process? Don’t you get freedom with age and experience, not confines?

The couple, who revealed they were engaged in April 2015, usually keep a low profile, but looked gorgeous together with Twigs wearing a Givenchy jumpsuit and Rob in a Dior Homme tux.

, the two cozied up to one another while out to eat with friends.

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The former couple dated for four years until Kristen’s 2012 cheating scandal.

But since then, the exes have been cordial and they even reunited at the 2016 Met Gala.

co-star Robert Pattinson — in which he compared her to a "dog" — while promoting her new film at Sundance.

“He was mad at me a couple of years ago — really obsessed with me a couple of years ago — which is f--king crazy,” she told star should not forgive Kristen for cheating on him “like a dog.” In another tweet, he suggested that the 30-year-old should leave Kristen and date one of the Miss Universe contestants instead.

(There are no doubt certain Williamsburg parties where you’re not allowed in unless you can prove you “knew about FKA Twigs before she blew up.”) To some, though, FKA is known more for her boyfriend— star and Kristen Stewart ex Robert Pattinson. a whopping: “No.”There was a whole lot more of Pattinson-focused questioning.

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