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When she tells him she just wants to be friends, he hires his roommate Tank, a fast-talking, amoral scoundrel who has a side business: men whose women have dumped them hire Tank to take their ex-girlfriends out on the date from Hell, to drive the women back into their old boyfriends' arms.

He takes out Alexis who, against her better judgment, decides she needs some randy fun, so Tank is in a quandary: take Alexis up on her offer, or stay true to his friend.

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Us Magazine.com: What made this the right time to do a ' Greatest Hits? One of the weirdest parts was going back to a lot of the CDs of the demo stuff because I don't listen to a lot of my own material.

' Dane Cook: I've had so many great new fans that just continue to email or approach me after shows, and ask what I would recommend they listen to. Once I do a performance, I rarely go back and go over it.

The word "tank" denotes a role played by a team member in a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG).

The duty of the tank is to attract the enemy's fire and absorb large amounts of damage which allows other party members to freely engage the enemy.

In retaliation, Anisha places a curse on Chuck, so that every single woman he sleeps with will break up with him and marry the next man who asks her out.

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