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Angle plays a murderer who kidnaps a police officer’s daughter in the movie.Yannotti had a small role in the film as “Customer at Restaurant.” In an interview with Vince Russo, Giovanna Yannotti said that she believes it was fate that she and Kurt Angle met.“Matt then drove down there to beat the s–t out of him.” Fisher and Barnes were teammates on the LA Lakers for two seasons.

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Here also hot photos of a young Matthew Mc Coanughey.

Over the years, Mc Conaughey has been linked with some of the hottest women on the planet. After all, this is an A-list actor we're talking about here who has appeared in some of the biggest movies since he's began.

If you’ve ever had the crazy dream of meeting your favorite celebrity and falling in love with them, that idea isn’t so crazy for Kim Kessler.

She was a WWE viewer and a big fan of Randy Orton before she met him and long before he would become her husband. “So he was all over my house way before I met him.” Orton confirmed this and said that at first he figured Kessler was embellishing how much of a fan she was, but then he met Kessler’s family and they told him the same stories.

Knicks coach Derek Fisher was attacked in Los Angeles by NBA bad boy Matt Barnes, who drove 95 miles to “beat the s—t out of him” when he found out Fisher was romancing his estranged wife, sources told The Post on Wednesday.

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