Women who need money dating

I’m going to answer the ‘How Important is Money to Women for Dating & Attraction?

’ question in this article based on my own extensive personal experience (I’ve now met over 10,000 women in over 15 countries)…

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As the divorce rate increases, boys continue to let us down, and sexual trysts with hot men only ever turn into one-night stands; maybe we no longer want to waste our time looking for the love our parents never found.

A study reported in Daily News revealed that women who marry uglier men have happier marriages than ones who marry attractive men. Men are more concerned with the appearance of their mate, ensuring they will have good genes to pass on to their children.

AND as a dating coach who has helped thousands of men around the world to naturally attract the women of their dreams, with some now married and many more in great relationships of having the dating life they always dreamed of By the end of this article you will have a better understanding of: Let me explain…(we gotta get a little nerdy here so you can understand but I promise it’s worth it so keep reading)…

Our mind has an unconscious mechanism (which means we don’t even realise we are doing it!

How Important is Money to Women for Dating & Attraction?

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