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One month's subscription costs between £14 and £40 - so around the price of a meal out.It's a bit irritating, however, that most sites are coy about revealing their fees until after you've registered.

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Robin Dunbar was involved in a series of evolutionary psychology investigations of different categories of words in Lonely Hearts advertisements (Waynforth & Dunbar 1995; Pawłowski & Dunbar 1999a; Pawłowski & Dunbar 1999b; Pawłowski & Dunbar 2001) that found that men and women attached different levels of importance to the following five categories of traits: attractiveness, resources, commitment, social skills and sexiness.

1997; Greenlees & Mc Grew 1994; Wiederman 1993), as well as entertainment and social skills (Miller 1998).

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The concluding part can be seen on More4 tomorrow at 9pm Outposts of Empire Series 1 - Episode 3 of 3 The final leg of this exploration of the UK\'s Overseas Territories begins in the Caribbean, where Stewart Mc Pherson finds some unexpected wildlife.

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