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This very same place was home to a famous curing girl, by the name of Biddy Early. You’ll need a candle and a trinket you’ll be likely to wear.

Biddy ran her home like a pub, and her business like a man. A nice shamrock on a pretty gold braid is, of course, recommended.

Even the lowly potato has been known to forsake us, for years at a time. That pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has got more to do with the pot of gold some of us were lucky to find in California, and little to do with home. If we don’t have luck, what we do have, is a long and studied history of witching and spelling.

Eire is the birthplace of the Druids, those fun, naked guys and gals in the robes and the all-together, paganism, and there’s where you’ll find your wealth spell.

Rogers Centre is just a short walk from Union Station (subway and train station), just north of Toronto's Harbourfront.

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