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As they get to know each other better and the long summer days give way, she finds herself wishing for the first time that the season and its love could stay. Cameras capture her every movement as she gets to know the bachelor Soul Evans.For a girl who’s been running from love her whole life, the experience is new and scary; not even she knows what the end result will be.Just as Maka thinks she has exciting news to report to Mama, Soul turns out to be hiding more than exotic pets in the bathroom. Life is hard when your brother is a musical prodigy and your parents assume you're going to be following in his footsteps.

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Left reeling in grief, Maka discovers, for what he did, Soul received a terrible curse that destines his future lives to end in tragedy.

Deciding to use her powers to follow Soul, Maka crosses time and space again and again to be the one who saves him this time.

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The Fort Collins store opened in 2006 on College just south of Mountain.

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