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See below for the details on how to setup a timed job (cron) to update your video or music library.This consists of installing the xbmc-send application and setting up a cron job (and enabling the Event Server).

The most amazing XBMC experience on a Raspberry ever! Biggest difference: you can create an account at Trakt.tv, install the addon in XBMC, and it will automatically keep track of what you watched in XBMC and, very important for this guide: what it will appear in XBMC.

REQUIRED INGREDIENTS: QUICK SUMMARY HOW IT WILL WORK: Have you ever heard of imdb.com? in detail: On trakt.tv, you can simply add tv shows to a list.

You can find this under System Update Library on Startup.

This option wouldn't work for me though as I leave my box on 24/7 or at most just put it in a standby state.

In place of this missing functionality, I figured I would setup a simple timed job to automatically update my library for me every hour.

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