Xkcd dating algorithm

This is humorous because the stick figure chose the wrong algorithm, which effectively ruined his date.

He will lose his one chance at procreation, thus moving us one step closer to removing autism from the gene pool.

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If you wait for a while you will see the picture change. At first it updated every 30 minutes, but at the time of writing it takes an hour.

It might stop at some point in the future, loop or just go on forever.

It is the open-endedness of it that gets to some viewers.

Now the "Wait for it" hover text snaps into better focus and at this point we could descend into existential twaddle, sorry philosophy, but...

I’m pleased that it is mentioned there, because – unlike a lot of theories – I did try hard to produce a working hypothesis consistent with the facts, rather than blatantly defying them ().

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