Xnxx chart

* * * * * This story is all about three separate sexual intercourse "accidents" that took place over the course of nearly two decades, while I was having an on-going intimate relationship with Ray (not his real name), who was my live-in boyfriend for many years, before he became my husband.

That first sexual intercourse accident didn't get me pregnant, but it sure scared the hell out of me and Ray both!

Let's just say that this second accident dumped a bunch of unnecessary stress onto our plates, and made our already-stressful lives a living hell for quite a while.

And our third accident, which took place many years later, caused me to get pregnant for the second--and final--time in my life.

But this time, due to the life-circumstances surrounding it, both Ray and I weren't upset about this second pregnancy at all, even though it was totally unplanned, just like my first pregnancy was.

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