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By 2020, 142 million innocent young girls worldwide will be separated from their friends and family, deprived of an education and put in harm’s way because of child marriage.

We’ve compiled a complete list of 20 best young stars to look for in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Paul Pogba This 21 years old star plays the position of CM with a current FIFA 15 rating of 83.

They have very acidic stomach secretions that protect their stomachs from being punctured by sharp bones: Herons swallow the fish whole, so the bones aren’t exposed at first, and by the time the bone ends are exposed, they’ve been softened by acids.

Herons are able to digest almost all of the prey that they swallow, but will cast out indigestible pellets.

Babe wakes in all directions Zanna unparalleled came domicile from schoolgirl!

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