Zoroastrian dating

Equal to men in eyes of God and in the Law (Halakha).

We have a table, a small, round mahogany piece that my husband and I picked up at the 23rd Street flea market in New York City during the first year of our marriage.

Most of the time, it sits at the entrance of our house, sporting a silver cigar box that belonged to my grandfather and a framed eight-by-ten photo of my husband and me, smiling at our wedding reception.

Sure, we had our love, and we would give plenty of it to our son.

But beyond that, what was he - a Hindu, a Zoroastrian, both, neither?

Jewish central belief is that they have chosen to follow the commandments of the One True God and God will look out for them in return. Jews believe a Messiah coming and proof will be an end to war and hunger all over the world.

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